Lunch / Deli Menu


All sandwiches (served on bread of the day), pizza and Bubbymosas can be grilled or oven-heated

Chili – a marvelous, filling vegetarian “survival” food

Grilled Cheese on our Farmhouse Sourdough with old cheddar, fresh tomato, spinach and pesto

Greek Salad (seasonal) – Authentic with goat feta and Kalamata olives

Fresh Fruit Salad (seasonal)

Tuna Sandwich on Multigrain or Peasant Seed bread

Lasagna – vegetarian, spinach, ricotta cheese and gluten-free organic brown rice noodles

Bagel with wild smoked salmon, cream cheese, red onion and capers

Egg Salad Sandwich made like Bubby would – with chopped green onion and celery on Multigrain or Peasant Seed bread

Frittata – eggs and vegetables, tomato – very flavourful and filling

Toasted bagel – plain, with butter, cream cheese, peanut butter, organic raw almond butter or house-made raspberry jam

Quiche – Vegetable or with wild Smoked Salmon

Soup de Bubby – changes daily, vegetarian and almost always gluten-free

Bubbymosa – original mild curried mixture of potato, chickpeas, onion, herbs and spices in a flaky all-butter pastry

Pizza (vegetarian – always different)